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Executive Coaching
Coaching is about creating individual awareness and insight and behavioural change in order to enhance results and increase performance.This stems from a belief that individuals have the resources, capacity and strength to find their own solutions with the support of effective coaching. Through a tailored coaching programme, delivered face-to-face and/or by telephone, individuals who would like to can gain both personal and practical experience of:

• enabling and sustaining change
• adopting performance enhancing strategies
• growing in self-awareness
• improving inter-personal skills and dealing with conflict
• increasing awareness and empathy of others
• developing personal performance plans
• increasing personal effectiveness
• improving clarity (focus) of purpose
• identifying strengths and areas for development
• addressing barriers hindering peak performance

Types of coaching undertaken are:

• Transition coaching
• First 100 days coaching
• Leadership coaching
• Personal effectiveness coaching
• Team coaching

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